Thursday, 5 September 2013

"Might I presume that you would condescend to accept my escortage?"

The old "dress stuck in car door" routine, courtesy of Double Whoopee, a Laurel & Hardy short from the silent movie era. Sexy stuff from (just) before the Hays Code ruined it all.

CK 0006


  1. Fortunately, Hollywood threw out the Code by 1968 but the artistic damage had already been done. I'd love to see some of that old footage! The Code didn't stop all the religious sects from complaining about certain movies. "Kiss Me Stupid" was a prime example, as was "The Loved One" ;)

    Love the old L&H silent stuff, Cap'n :D

  2. 1930-1968 is an amazingly long time for something like that to be going on, I think. I know that some people say that the Code forced filmmaker's to be imaginative in their ways of portraying sexuality. Like Frank Tashlin was. Personally, I'd much have preferred a Tashlin movie with no one telling him what he could and couldn't film. :)