Thursday, 15 August 2013

When Nature Calls, part 1

My main reason for posting this clip from the very silly, very enjoyable outdoors comedy When Nature Calls (1985) is that I like the actress who plays "Bambi", Tina Marie Staiano. You do get a glimpse of straitjackets and cloth gags, however, so it's not entirely off-topic. I've googled Miss Staiano and looked her up on imdb but found practically no information what so ever, not even a birthday date. This seems to be her only acting part, oddly enough since she does a great job.

Tromamovies has kindly made this film available for free on YouTube so you can watch it in its entirety here. If you do, stick with it until the main segment (the outdoors comedy) begins, that's when the fun starts.

CK 0388

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