23 Aug 2013

My deviant friends, part 5

Continuing my mini-portraits of damsel-happy deviantART draughtsmen (and draughtswomen), here's an artist who's well known to lovers of chloroform and tight rope bondage. Arsenedaubrecq shares my fondnesses for secretaries, burglars, businesswomen in trouble, damsels in states of partial undress, and curvy women in lingerie - plus he's nuts about chloroform, usually administered by his stylish villainess, Laura Mischief. Every once in a while, Miss Mischief does get a taste of her own medicine - and I'm happy to have her struggling here on my blog for your pleasure (top drawing below this).

Visit arsenedaubrecq's gallery of 750+ free deviations here. Enjoy, and tell him Captain Kidnap sent you.

(Artwork posted with permission.)




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