5 Jul 2013

The Gator Review, part 7

Right folks, it's time for another Gator Group review. This time, I've taken a look at parts 6 and 7 of the 7 Nightmares Girl series, titled - respectively - Aloha, Satan! and (a title which would have made the late Jesus Franco proud) Dr Morloff's Atomic Turtles.

The two 2011 episodes are shot mainly in Berlin, Vancouver, and Hawaii, and new characters are introduced to the storyline. Since there is a lot of phone conversations with low sound and generally quite talkative scenes, non-German-speaking viewers will have a hard time following the action. There really is a lot going on (with the tied up damsels also acting as a rather distracting element, of course).

Aloha, Satan! brings us to Honolulu. Athena, whom you'll remember from my previous Gator review, has taken her activities to Hawaii where's she's hot on the trail of a circle of witches bent on world-domination. Meanwhile in Germany, Athena's sister-in-spirit Hermine, a nun, is taking care of witch-hunting business there, and has found herself a stunningly beautiful victim in Fleur Muro:

In between scenes of tied up, lightly tortured damsels we find glimpses of a mysterious monk, Brother Tetzel, who's knee-deep in crime and brings home a fortune to the Bank of the Vatican by selling letters of indulgence. This shadowy monk is also a member of the Holy Inquisition!

Episode 7, and the plot thickens. It transpires that Brother Tetzel and the Inquisition is doing business with Dr Morloff, a lunatic scientist with an ingrown hate for all things German. From his Notre Dame de Paris office, Tetzel hires Morloff to train an army of atomic turtles and send them off to blow up Hollywood, the City of Satan. A particular scene in this episode will have hosiery fans on the edge of their seat, as the pretty damsel (Fleur Muro) from the previous episode is hogtied in the bathtub:

With Athena, Hermine, and the outright mad Dr Morloff teamed up, things are looking fairly bleak for good-looking witches everywhere!

The 7 Nightmares Girl episodes 6-7 are available on a two-chapter DVD from Gator Group's website. Pictures posted with permission.

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