Monday, 15 July 2013

Protectress in peril

Getting contribution clips in my mailbox ( makes me a happy Captain! This one comes from blog follower Florentina (thanks, Flo!) and shows a Russian cop getting chloroformed and then into some more sexy trouble. From the way Flo named the snapshots I'm guessing that the name of the TV show is Защитница (which according to Google Translate means 'protectress' and may be pronounced 'zashchitnitsa') and that this scene hails from its 8th series.

The clip is not violent but does show a little blood as the sexy protectress accidentally cuts herself with a scissor (that her captors somewhat carelessly left on the floor) while trying to escape her bonds.

She is chloroed, struggles in vain to get free, is injected with something (implied), and finally wakes up, still tied, in the back of a truck and is rescued.

Edit: I noticed a post in Rob's forum where someone wondered how to download my clips, including this one. Here's how: Go here, look up your file, and happy downloading. Check this post too if you'd like to know why I don't put links in individual blog entries.


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