10 Jun 2013


Bunnie3x (or Synthia) of deviantART kindly gave me permission to post some of her awesome bondage pics on my blog. Take a look at this cute damsel, guys:

How about that saran wrap gag? Be sure to head on over to bunnie3x's page and check out the 2300+ (!) free photos currently in her gallery. You can even order a custom shoot.


  1. Bunnie is one super gal, indeed! I've had a custom photo-shoot done up and 'twas fantastic! :) Sure miss her DA page :(

  2. We miss you there too, T. I really enjoy her damsel stuff, and was very pleased she let me post these.

  3. Was thinkin' about a return but *shrugs shoulders* 3 blogs are keeping me pretty busy. If DA had a way to go "invisible" maybe? 90% of my "watchers" were trolls and just hung on to be in the clique. For an "interactive community", DA doesn't seem to have a vociferous crowd.

  4. I don't hear from the vast majority of my watchers either, but I have to admit that when I came to dA it was something of a revelation to me. Just waking up to fresh comments almost every day was nice. I had only posted my work on the blog previously, and I was used to not getting any feedback at all. I don't get as many comments today as when I first joined, though. Which is odd, because I think my work is improving. :)

  5. I'd say your work is definitely improving ;) HEY! Where'd my avatar go?

  6. When did Bunnie3X's dA page go dark? I just found out today.

    1. I don't know - haven't been that active on dA lately, I'm afraid. But her account is definitely deactivated.

      (PS: This blog is no longer updated. I can be contacted here:

      https://damselcatcher.wordpress.com/ ... )