Sunday, 10 February 2013

"They call me the Tiger", part 1

When I read in the plot description that the story of this goofy martial arts film involved a kidnapping, I took a chance and bought the DVD. Fortunately it paid off nicely as the movie contains three bondage scenes with two actresses.

The very silly story takes place immediately after "The Dragon" aka Bruce Lee's death and revolves around his pupil, "The Tiger", and his attempts to bring to justice the criminals believed to be responsible for the international kung fu star's demise.

At one point, Bruce Lee's girlfriend "Suzy Young" is kidnapped and interrogated by the villains while tied up. Apparently she is in possession of a tape recording where the vicious drugs kingpin "The Baron" tries to talk Bruce Lee into acting as a courier (!). She escapes with The Tiger's help, but is recaptured and subjected to torture.

Finally - but you'll have to wait for part 2 to see this bit - Suzy is seen tied to a rock alongside another female whom the criminals have grabbed. The women look on as The Tiger and The Baron (lovely dubbing) engage in a prolonged fight against a picturesque ocean backdrop.

From Exit the Dragon, Enter the Tiger.


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