Friday, 11 January 2013

Time to Murder and Create, part 1

Much like other DiD enthusiasts, I lean heavily on Brian's database when searching out clips and discovering "new" ones; it's an invaluable tool - even if the webmaster still neglects to link to my site though I've been around for 2½ years (hint hint). The joy of finding DiD clips with the help of Brian's page is really only surpassed by finding one on your own - and I was surprised that no one has listed this smashing material from Wire in the Blood S4E1 (Time to Murder and Create) as of yet.

In crime serials, as we know, the internet, bondage and SM are always synonymous with murder, and this show is (definitely) no exception. A murderer is using a sadomasochism oriented website to lure pretty young women to his lair. I don't know the name of this first damsel, but she looks terrific in lingerie and chains.


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