Monday, 21 January 2013

The Gator Review, part 4

It’s time to take a look at another Gator Group production, 1994’s Die Schulfeindin which is also internationally known as Deadly Enemy or as the fifth installment in the Unhappy End series.

It’s a feature length episode with a complicated distribution history that I won’t even try to expound. Except to say that there is also a shorter black and white version, which is allegedly darker in tone, and a director’s cut version complete with bonus material which was released in 2011.
(Three different releases of Unhappy End V: Die Schulfeindin. If you’re interested in learning more about the differences between the versions, you’re better off contacting Gator Group’s creator Michael Huck who, being a follower of my humble blog, has kindly sent me the DVD’s I’m reviewing in this blog series.)

In Unhappy End V, the beautiful student Angela is played by an actress with the wonderfully Hollywood-esque name of Marlene Marlow. Her past comes back to violently haunt her when two old school ‘friends’, Miriam and Karin, force their way into her apartment and tie and gag her while they vent all the hatred they’ve been harboring against Angela since their school days. It seems that Angela was always the popular one, dating the boyfriends Miriam wanted and inviting everyone to her parties except Miriam.

The intruders subject their prisoner to one rope-tie after another, at one point even placing a live rat to crawl on her, before she manages to wriggle out of her ropes and almost subdue Miriam. She is recaptured, however, and tightly trussed once again. But the cool beauty queen is still bent on escaping and wrecking a terrible revenge on her two captors.

Of the three Gator productions I’ve reviewed so far, Die Schulfeindin is arguably the least violent, choosing instead to explore the territory of psychological tension. After the talkative opening, Angela spends the remainder of the film in various states of being tied up, which is of course excellent news for DiD enthusiasts. Especially for those with a hosiery fetish, since Angela is sporting a pair of black tights throughout and has her shoes removed in one scene. The actress, Marlene Marlow, looks absolutely terrific cleave-gagged.

Be sure to visit Gator Group’s official page, the homepage of the Unhappy End series, and Die Schulfeindin’s very own blog for more pictures, trivia, and details on how to get your pervy hands on this DiD production.

Stay tuned for more Gator reviews here on Captain Kidnap.

(Pictures posted with permission.)

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