Monday, 31 December 2012

Need more Doody! part 1

I'm finally back home, and just in time to wish you all a very happy New Year and thank everyone who's supported the blog throughout the past year with comments, clips, encouragement or just dropping by. As the long-time followers will know I've cut down a little on updating, mainly due to my renewed interest in drawing and activities on deviantART, but I'm comfortable with the current update frequency and am looking to bringing you many more exciting clips in 2013. I hope you'll continue the journey with me. Everyone have a wonderful evening - stay safe, and stay kinky.

I've saved this clip so that I could post it today. From the 2004 adaptation of King Solomon's Mines, classy lady Elizabeth Maitland is transported through the desert with her hands tied, and, after a failed escape attempt, held with a knife to her throat while Patrick Swayze tries to think of a way to save her. The bondage isn't much to talk about, but in all honesty, this might just be the loveliest damsel I've ever laid eyes on - which is why I wanted to post the scene on this "special" day.

I only remember the actress, Alison Doody, from one other movie, namely as the Nazi chick in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade - and I'm definitely going to re-watch that one again sometime early in the new year. But the years have been extremely kind to Alison, and in my opinion she is looking lovelier here than she did in 1989. If anyone can recommend movies with her to me I'd appreciate a comment - especially, of course, if she's tied up in them (although I dare not get my hopes up in this regard).

CK 0495


  1. She was in one of the bond movies. I can't remember it either.

  2. "A View to a Kill" - as "Jenny Flex", he he. I better give it a watch.