Friday, 18 April 2014

"Late Night Library Fantasy", part 10

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"Late Night Library Fantasy"
Miss Trussed
Text © Miss Trussed. Dave Simpson's pics and vids posted with permission.

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He was leering down at me, his eyes roamed up & down my bound body. The vibrator was still in position but now that I was on my side I had a moment of relief until...

Pulling my panties down he slipped the tiny bullet inside me before laying behind me. He reached down & fumbled with my bound hands, clumsily closing my fingers around his hardening cock. Shuffling tight in behind me he cupped a hand over my pussy & began working me with hard circular motions.

I worried he was going to push the tiny vibrator up inside me, I was soaking wet. I could feel its shiny metallic body popping in & out of me as he ground his fingers against my clit.

He was rock hard & throbbing, thrusting his hips against me as he worked furiously on me. I was already building towards another orgasm. I was losing control again. With one hand cupping his balls & the other working his solid shaft. I could feel the moisture at his tip through his jeans. I could feel his thighs spasm as I massaged him & wriggled my bum back into him.

“Come you fucking whore!” He hissed, sucking at my neck, pinching my earlobe with his teeth.

I worked him harder & harder, running my thumb across the tip of his cock. I knew he was close to orgasm, he was pounding hard against me. My hands slapped against my bum-cheeks. Forming a tunnel with my fingers I let him do the work for me, fucking my grip until he let out a groan of pleasure. As the slime oozed through his jeans I circled his tip making him jerk violently. He rolled onto his back panting & sweating. He had lasted a matter of minutes.

The distraction had caused him to neglect me. The vibrator had slipped out of me & was buzzing next to me. With sudden realisation he had something important to do he almost leapt on his knees & started to untie my legs. Once they were free he rolled me onto my bound arms, pinning my legs apart. He stared down at me.

“Don’t panic, we ain’t rapists. Besides it’s always good to keep them beggin’ for it! All your teasing  got us both thinking. We’re setting up as professional kidnappers. I bet there’s plenty of little sluts just like you looking for a bit of kidnapping fun & you’re our practice run. Now lay back & relax while I squeeze another one out of you.”

Settling between my thighs pinning my legs wide apart he picked up the vibrator & got to work.

The sensation was overwhelming. My moans of pleasure became rhythmic, the sign I was close. My breathing turned into shallow gulps of air, my body froze as I neared my orgasm.

As he pressed the tip of the vibrator deeper into my clit hood he reached up & clawed the ball from my mouth. I took a lung full of air in preparation & the words spewed from my lips: “Make me cum, make me cum!”

Then… without warning... he stopped. He pulled the vibrator away & knelt over my quivering bound form.
“Well fuck me, little Miss Tease is begging for it now!”

He climbed off the bed & paraded around me, hands on hips & a look of absolute satisfaction on his face.
“How’s the old saying go? Treat em mean, keep em keen, yeh that’s it.”

Drunk on the moment of tight bondage, near orgasm & my fantasy almost being fulfilled I couldn’t help but spit out my demands. “You bastard, make me cum, please finish me off. You’ve had you fun with me. You can’t leave me like this!”

I was still on the verge of orgasm even without his help. I rolled on to my side pressing my thighs together & start to grind my wet lips against each other.

“Oh no you don’t!”

He grabbed my ankles, rolled me on to my back & held me, legs apart & with all his weight he layed my thighs. I was helpless. My pussy tingled as the cool air of the room wafted across my soaking wet pussy.
“Get off me you oaf.”

He pulled a pack of cigarettes from his pocket. As he lit up he looked at me grinning.

“Oh yeh there’s another old saying, always keep em wanting more!”

I felt the waves of pleasure drifting away. He had deprived me of the moment I had craved since I started this crazy adventure & I found myself hating him with every aching bone in my body.

Just as he finished the last drag on his cigarette I heard the door. His partner had returned.

“Haha, you two looked fucked. Have a good time?”

I flashed a glare at him before returning my gaze at the ceiling.

“Ooooh someone looked pissed off. Have you been upsetting our little toy?”

“Just piss off the both of you. You’ve had your fun now untie me & let me go home.” I hissed.

The smoker hopped off the bed & stood with his accomplice. They stared down at me contemplating what to do next.

“What do you think, shall we untie her?”

The anger & frustration was rising in me by the second. “Just stop. I’ve had enough now. Untie me & fuck off.”

“She’s a feisty little fucker. I thought you two would be an item by the time I got back. Oh hang on, you didn’t let her finish did you. You utter bastard, that’s just fucking mean!”

The hideous pair were beaming at each other, happy with their night's work. The ultimate insult was when they gave each other a “high five”.

“You’re a fucking star mate. That’s hilarious. What shall we do with her now?”

My heart missed a beat. However horrible the pair had been to me I had at least felt safe that all they wanted to do was tease. What had they planned? Were they going to spoil what had actually been a wonderful experience by harming me, covering their tracks? I could feel my lips tremble.

“Oh please, I won’t tell anyone I promise. Just let me go home.”

It was the word “home” that did it. I suddenly realised just how helpless, bound & alone I was with two complete strangers. I give them credit to this day that for the first time they realised I was actually terrified. The smoker sat beside me. His response couldn’t have been more perfect. To this day I am convinced these guys had done this to other girls in the past. He ran his fingers through my hair.

“Hey, calm down hunny. We don’t hurt girls we make dreams come true but there’s always a price to pay for teasing.”

It suddenly dawned on me that the whole adventure had been rehearsed with almost military precision.

They were both over me now working as a pair as they untied me until I laid untied in my lingerie. Was this it, was this the end of my adventure? Apart from being denied my ultimate orgasm I hoped it was. I wasn’t entirely sure. They stood over me & gave me my orders.

“Get dressed & be quick.”

I did as I was told. All I wanted was to make it end. I satisfied myself that I had come through what could have been a terrible experience but had in fact played out one of my ultimate sexual fantasies. I did as I was told. Now fully clothed in the slutty, tight outfit I found myself standing before them feeling like I did the first time I was caught kissing a boyfriend on the doorstep of my parents' home.

This time the smoker headed for the door.

“You can tie her up this time, I need a breather. I’ll lock you both in, there’s no point trying any funny stuff.”

The door shut behind, I heard the key rattle in the lock & his footsteps faded away down the corridor.

“Oh no please don’t, not again. Just let me go. Haven’t you had enough fun with me already?”

He walked towards me.

“Come on, you heard what he said, no funny stuff.”

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