24 Feb 2015

Goodbye to all that

This blog will no longer be updated. Click here to find me at my new home on WordPress.

Blog followers please update your bookmarks, and fellow bloggers/webmasters please update any permanent links on your site referring to my blog.

New content will be added but maybe not at the usual rate for the next couple of weeks, so please be patient while I'm working hard to get all content up and running. Old posts are being published all the time, so this is a good opportunity to explore some of my older content. And remember, I'm happy to reupload any scene you like. 

Looks like I'll be needing a new home, 2

In light of Morality in Media's, sorry I mean Google's decision to no longer host sexually oriented blogs as of March 23rd I've decided to go back to WordPress. I've already imported all content to my new home so nothing will be lost and am working hard to get everything ready. However, I'll be taking the opportunity to clean up my posts and make adjustments here and there, so it will be a little while before everything is up again. Until then, there will be no new posts as all my spare-time will go into transferring blog content.

I'll drop a link here as soon as I have something for you. It should only be a matter of a couple of days.