31 Aug 2014

Adanali, 1

A feisty brunette is kidnapped in this "ransom call" scene from Turkish TV show Adanali.

Something weird appears to have happened to the number of frames per second, unfortunately, but this is still a sexy scene despite the video quality.

*Thanks to m/1/2 for pointing my attention to this show!*

Download CK 1100

Titles and actress info for CK files can be found here: CK 0000-0999, CK 1000-1999

Clip no longer available for download? Leave a comment if you'd like me to reupload it.

Dr. Klyburn's peril

This is another comic that I remember from my childhood. Beautiful Dr. Klyburn's spread-eagled peril from Superman mod Kraniebanden ('Superman Vs. the Skull Gang') is among my earliest DiD memories. A nice detail is the tight bodysuit she's wearing. Superman rescues her from the deathtrap just in time; later the tables are turned and Klyburn has her former captor, Dr. Albert Michaels, pacified and restrained, but once again needs Superman's assistance. I love the slightly insecure, hesitant way she ties up the villain.